Why us?


We are one of the few fund managers who charge no management fee, no entry fee, no exit fee. We only charge a profit sharing fee. In this structure, we make money only when our clients make money.


No conflict of interest

We are not stock brokers. We do not get any commission when we place trades for our clients. This helps us in managing our client’s funds in a better way.


We stick to our circle of competence

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment”. We know the things we are good at and we stick to them. We do not get influenced by any new theme just because it is popular in the market.


Our ability to say no

It is very easy to like a stock and buy it. But it needs courage to keep saying “No” hundreds and thousands of times and say “Yes” only when the stock price is right. We have developed a patient mindset where we say yes only when a stock meets all our investment criteria.



We enjoy the process more than the proceeds. We love the process of finding quality stocks, buy & hold them and be proven right in future. This gives us immense satisfaction.



We know that it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. We have neither taken any action in the past nor will take any action in the future which will hurt our reputation. Honesty and integrity is our biggest asset.


We are a learning machine

We don’t go to sleep without learning anything new every day.